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'90's Garage Rock

Last edit: 2023-02-14


For some reason the '90s had an amazing underground garage rock scene.

Part of this is chronicled in the book, We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001 by New Bomb Turks frontman Eric Davidson. Some of the music from this genre is referred to by other names such as garage punk or even just misclassified as punk or punk rock. But whatever it's called, there were some seriously creative people making music around this time. And it is all far better than the more popular wave of "garage rock revival" that came in the wake of the popularity of The White Stripes in the early 2000's. The '90s just had better bands in every way! Instead of Jet you had The Gories. Instead of The Hives you had the Oblivians. Instead of The Vines you had The Mummies. All of these earlier '90s bands had more to offer than nostalgia and an image of ripped jeans and black leather jackets. They were far more diverse than that and had many more dimensions. They had a sound that was more raw, more primitive, more diverse, and more fun!

Here's a list of great bands to get started on, which give you just a taste of this amazing scene:

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