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Hiked 2010-03-06


Parachute is a popular local hike to Seattle. From downtown Seattle, it's probably less than a forty minute drive away. Only the locals call it "Parachute." It earns its nickname due to the common use of paragliding from a point at the top. The WTA hiking guide calls it "Poo Poo Point" and provides recent trip reports.


The trail is a climb through the typical NW forest of conifers and ferns almost the entire way up.

Fair warning that some of it gets pretty steep.

You are rewarded with glimpses of Issaquah as you go.

At the top, you have a much wider vista with several of the Cascade peaks visible on clear days.

This includes Mt. Rainier.

Below you are the cities.

If you hang out on a Saturday morning, you will definitely witness paragliders launching from this point.

And you will see them landing at the bottom.

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